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Search Engine Optimization - A Must
As you surf the web take a look around at many of the sites you see. Do you notice anything that seems strange? Well, let me point it out to you. There are hundreds of thousands of web sites that just donít get much traffic. Some of these sites...
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How to Sell Your Product on the Forums?

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1. Your signature file:

Most of the forums allow you to carry a 4 - 6 lines of signature files with your name. So these files appears below your name when you answer a forum thread.

Most people advertise about their product. Don't do that. Always offer some free ecourse or trial product. Personally I prefer to offer free ecourse than an ezine because, we feel that we gain more in short course of 7 days rather than a chain of endless ezines.

Second you can offer free product or free trial software or free membership.

Always hyperlink the email or web page link, so simple click will take the reader to the destination page.

2. Use the section 'Special offers to Forum Members' Forum:

You may see a seperate forum like 'Special discount to Forum members'. Here you can advertise your product or offer special discounts to forum members.

Tips while posting in these type of forums-

  • Add an image of your product.

  • Use the html code to highlight the benefits.

  • Hyperlink the web page or product link.

  • State your discount in bold letters.

3. Seek partners for joint ventures:

Choose a forum appropriate for your product or business. For example if you are selling reseller hosting service then choose web designers forums.

Most web designers prefer to host their clients on own servers, so there will be more chances for you to get partners here.

Tips on seeking joint ventures-

  • Let your partner get equal benefits from your proposal.

  • Be polite in asking partnership.

  • Leave the selection or decision making to the person whom you are going to ask a joint venture.

  • 1 or 2 emails. If you didn't get any response, no more emails. May be he/she doesn't like these type of ventures.

4. Banner advertising or sponsoring:

Some forums sell advertising space and look for sponsors to sponsor the forum categories. If you want to act as a sponsor, you pay them like monthly or yearly and they put your web site or product link on the forum index, at the sub forum you choose.

This sponsoring is very cost effective way of advertising than banner advertising.

For example, you are selling search engine ebook. You can sponsor the sub forum 'Search engine promotion' in the list of forums. Your ebook link will be placed on that category of forums.

Radhika Venkata

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