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Ten Steps To A Well Optimized Website - Step 7: Website Submissions
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Is it a Real Business or a Hobby?

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Do you remember when a home business was typing, ironing, house cleaning or selling crafts? In today’s environment we can do computer drafting, medical transcription, internet marketing and more. When the average person saw a computer for the first time, most people figured “what would I need it for” and others thought it was “the best thing to happen in years”.

Then the internet came to the ordinary person, like you and me. That opened up a lot of eyes. Wow, email, buying and selling everything under the sun and then having it delivered overnight.

If you are planning to play with your website / online business then it might be a hobby. Many people then turn their hobbies into a full time business. If you are going to advertise, write articles and work with your network of friends and influence, then it may be a business. All in all you should be comfortable with your website and take it to any level you wish. Some people want to supplement their income to afford a few luxuries or pay bills. Some put in the time and effort like a real job and the possibilities are endless.

No matter how you see your online business you will need to advertise it to get visitors. Visitors are the prime essential to any business. And return visitors will make your business. If all you have are single visits, you will not make it, but if you have repeat visitors you are on your way to great things.

5 ways to build your business:

1. Write informative newsletters with Tips and Ideas and most important, describe your business to get your subscribers to click through and visit your website every time they read your newsletter.

2. Start an email campaign by advertising your newsletter to build a subscriber list. Use an autoresponder for this and then have your newsletter delivered on weekly intervals to your subscribers.

3. Be on the look out for new and informative ideas and add that content to your website, so your subscribers will come back to see what is “New”.

4. Write articles about your business or ideas you have that may be of interest to others. Post your article(s) to websites, so readers will click through to your site for your newsletter and build your relationships.

5. Be personal with your subscribers and not just a pitch man selling junk. Be helpful to anyone that has questions. Be a coach, a teacher and a friend.

The fun is just beginning. Build your business as fast as you fell comfortable. Look for forums and work groups that discuss online businesses and you will find many helpful people.
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