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Link Exchanges - What they can do for your business (PART 2)

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If you haven't read (part 1), please go here: http://www.smartads.info/articles/le/10.html


For those of you who are trying to figure out if you should use an automated link promoter or just simply doing everything yourself:

Linking softwares are great (not really) I've tried 2 programs myself, and I must say that both attempts were a disaster! Now i'm not saying that eventually that there will be a perfect software out there to promote your link exchange program.

Right now, here are some of the problems

  • The links that you will find are not relavant to your site's content.

  • Some links tend to be "Link Farms" that only harm your search engine performance.

  • You'll tend to get millions of porn sites!

  • and so on...

Here's a method that holds very strong when I look for link partners:

When I find a great resource that has similar content to my site, I will browse through their ENTIRE "Resourceful Links" listed on their site and see if It's a good idea to link to them!

Here's another method of doing this effectively for best results:

If you happen to find a great resource, enter their entire "URL" in www.google.com.

What you need to look for is this: "Find web pages that link to www.this-site.com"

The Purpose Martin?

Once you click on the "pages that link to that site" you will find sites that already have a great link program related to your site!

Take advantage of linking to all the sites listed within that search on google!


It get's very fustrating for an entrepreneur like me who is trying to have a really good source of link exchanges, especially when I have to e-mail my companies information manually!

Try adding a "Mail Script" that takes the link exchange information right from your site! You'll find that more sites will want to link to yours!

Here's an example of what your form should ask:

1) Full Name: Martin Lemieux

2) WebSite URL: http://www.smartads.info

3) Title: Smartads.Info :: Marketing & Advertising Centre

4) Description: (250 characters or less) Smartads :: Learn everything about Link Exchanges, Search Engines Submissions, Advertising & Marketing Tips, Web Design, Special Canadian Sites. Promotion & Traffic Resources

5) Our link on your site: http://www???

6) E-mail: youre-mail@yoursite.com

7) Comments:


That's all you really need!!!

** TIP **

If you don't know how to install this form on your site, here's a paid link automation program that will suit any business out there!

Linksmanager will manage your entire link resources on your site! This service will help you cut your time in half!!! ENJOY!

Click here: http://www.qksrv.net/click-1-7204547


Another little "Timbit",

Give visitors your link information!

Please add your "Link Information" that you would want visitors to add on their site! I've gone to too many sites were I had to spend over 5 minutes trying to find their "Link Exchange" information!

Now i'm not talking about a link on your site to your link program, i'm talking about the information you would give to other sites in order to exchange links!

Smartads Commercial Break:

Smartads will link to you if you link to us!

Find out why webmasters are raving about our unique "Commercial Break" link exchange program right away!

For more info: http://www.smartads.info/links

Denying link exchanges!

Get ready, it happens to all of us! Don't get upset when a company you just linked to has just denied your link exchange! Many companies out there has STRICT guidelines they are looking for. You may have not read their specific rules they have! Don't worry about it, take a note and move on.

There's another 1,000 000 that will link to you so don't go have a drink from one denial! I know we all hate them but just remember, we've all got them!

In the future, when you're put in a situation were you will be the one denying another site for a link exchange, just remember how you felt at the time and be considerate to the other by telling them WHY they were denied. I often replied to the site that denied my site to ask why my site wasn't accepted and often I am surprised to hear the reason. what they had to say!

I hope this article has opened your mind about Link Exchanges!

Martin R. Lemieux


Smartads Information Centre

Canadian Entrepreneur Advertising Resource & Research!


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