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Google's Next Big Move
November 2003 might go down in history as the month that Google shook a lot of smug webmasters and search engine optimization (SEO) specialists from the apple tree. But more than likely, it was just a precursor of the BIG shakeup to come. ...
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Using This One Simple Word Helped Treble My Site's Profits

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This article is very important.

In fact, the chances are it will give you more sales from your website. Now I'm not suggesting you're low on sales but we could all do with more sales right?

I first started using this word on my website about a year ago. Using the word changed the whole focus of my website, my business and my life!

Sounds unbelievable doesn't it?

But it's not, it's entirely true and I want to share it with you.

You want to know what this word is don't you? Okay then - no more messing around then.

This word is the reason you are reading this article and the reason you carried on reading after the first paragraph. Have you guessed it already? The single most important word you need to use on your homepage is "YOU"!.

You. You. You.

Using 'YOU' Brings Success

Using the word 'you' on your homepage can have dramatic effects on how effective your website is at converting visitors into enquiries and sales. Using the word 'YOU' gets across your business' message in the only way that truly works - from the customer's point of view.

Now you might be thinking this is all obvious stuff. And it is! But just remember to look at the next few homepages you visit and see how many site owners are not following this simplest but most effective of rules.

Most businesses fall into the trap of wording things in this way:

"We provide such and such a product. We are industry-leaders.. We are based in .."

What you should be doing is changing the entire angle and 'voice' of your website around from an anonymous corporate 'brochure-type-speak' into a more personal YOU-focused angle. Take a look at my homepage and you'll see what I mean - www.websitemarketingbible.com. Now take a look at your homepage - how many 'YOU's have you got on your page?

So Why Is Using 'YOU' So Important?

Because YOU are the most important thing in YOUR universe. You don't want to hear about me, my company, what we do or what our strengths are - you want to hear what's in it for YOU.

Studies show that you should have around 70% of all sales and marketing literature comprised of words like 'YOU', 'YOUR', 'YOURS' etc. This might seem like an uphill struggle at first and your initial attempts might not read too well but you will soon get the hang of it.

Can You Play YOU-Gymnastics?

You can actually start treating it like a game. It takes time but eventually you will master the skill of turning any sentence around from a 'WE', 'US' or 'OUR' statement into a 'YOU' or 'YOUR' statement.

I urge you to revamp your homepage and get rid of any 'WE's or 'OUR's that you have and reword everything to put the customer at the heart of the matter. Now we're just talking about the homepage here but really you should be applying this principle to your entire website.

How The Word "YOU" Changed My Life

When I first learned of this golden rule it changed my website totally. I went from talking about my business and products on the site to talking directly to my customers and putting things across in a way which meant most to THEM. It also made me take a step back and re-draft all my corporate literature adopting this same YOU principle. But the story doesn't end there..

I realised that putting 'YOU' at the heart of my business communications and my business as a whole was actually the starting point for something far deeper. Ask any successful person and they will tell you that 'givers gain' - that is, if you give first and receive second you will achieve more than the person who takes first and thinks of giving afterwards.

It was then that I realised that I needed to start putting the 'YOU' at the centre of my whole life. I realised that to every other single person in the world - they were the most important thing that existed.

I listened more and made better relationships.

I empathised more and made more sales.

I gave more and felt more rewarded.

I could go on but feel that YOU need to go off now and start implementing this powerful technique for YOUR website!

I wish YOU great success!

Michael Cheney

Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM

Michael Cheney

Author of The Website Marketing BibleTM

Download Your FREE Sampler Of The Website Marketing BibleTM Now And Get FREE Bonuses Worth 159 ($288) - http://www.websitemarketingbible.com.


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